Ayoba App Case Study


Ayoba, a burgeoning super app with a presence in 22 countries across Africa, sought to escalate its market penetration in Sudan, where it was relatively less established. With an initial user base of 4,000 downloads, Ayoba aimed for a significant surge in app downloads, enhanced ranking in app stores, content channel management, social media enhancement, and efficient utilization of Google paid ads.

Strategy and Implementation:

We commenced by gaining a thorough understanding of the Sudanese market and audience preferences. Our multifaceted approach entailed a robust social media campaign, incisive content management across 8 in-app channels, and a targeted Google Ads strategy.

Social media became our vital tool in generating awareness and building a community around Ayoba. Through creative and localized content, we engaged the audience and leveraged influencer partnerships to expand our reach.

For in-app content, we meticulously managed 8 channels, ensuring a mix of relevant, engaging, and diverse content to enhance user experience and retention.

Simultaneously, our digital marketing experts devised a Google Ads campaign focusing on optimal keyword targeting and bid strategies to maximize visibility and conversions.

Furthermore, we strived to enter Ayoba into prestigious award nominations to garner recognition for its excellence and innovation.


The results of our comprehensive strategies were nothing short of remarkable:

  • Downloads Skyrocketed: Ayoba experienced a monumental boost in app downloads, going from 4,000 to 400,000 in Sudan.
  • Store Ranking: Ayoba climbed the ranks to become the highest-ranking app in app stores within its category.
  • Content Management: Managing 8 channels of content within the app significantly improved user engagement and satisfaction.
  • Social Media Success: Our efforts led to increased social media engagement and a stronger community around the Ayoba brand.
  • Award Recognition: The crowning achievement of our campaign was winning the New York Shorty Award, bringing international acclaim to Ayoba.


Our collaboration with Ayoba exemplifies how strategic planning, market understanding, and meticulous execution can lead to the monumental success of a brand in a competitive landscape. We are immensely proud to have contributed to Ayoba’s rapid ascent in the Sudanese market and beyond.


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JUNE 15, 2021