Haggar Group Case Study


Haggar Group, a prestigious investment conglomerate with operations in Dubai, Sudan, and other parts of the Middle East, entrusted us with the critical task of reinforcing their brand image and expanding their digital footprint. Being the owners of a diverse portfolio that includes an insurance company, ICT solutions, telecommunications, and a drinks company, their requirement was multifaceted. The mandate involved social media management, corporate branding, lead generation, event management, and content creation that encompasses their Corporate Social Investment (CSI) activities.

Strategy and Implementation:

We embarked on an integrated approach that aimed to bring Haggar Group’s diversified businesses under a cohesive and powerful brand umbrella. Through an analysis of their target audience and industry trends, we tailored our social media strategy to maximize engagement, reach, and follower growth. We also played an instrumental role in organizing and managing 9 corporate events that were vital in enhancing brand visibility.

Understanding the importance of communicating Haggar Group’s Corporate Social Investment (CSI) activities, we designed and launched the CSI Magazine. This publication showcases the commendable contributions the group makes towards societal betterment. In addition, we diversified the content stream through a podcast series that further highlights their impactful CSI initiatives.


Our holistic approach delivered remarkable results:

– Follower Growth: We achieved a staggering 287% increase in follower growth across Haggar Group’s social media platforms, demonstrating a burgeoning interest in their brand.

– Increase in Reach: Our innovative content strategy and engagement tactics contributed to a 544% increase in reach, ensuring Haggar Group’s message penetrated deeper into the target market.

– Events Management: The successful management of 9 high-profile events fostered new business relationships and fortified the group’s reputation as a leader in its respective industries.

– CSI Magazine & Podcast: Through the launch of the CSI Magazine and the podcast series, we established Haggar Group as not just a business entity, but also a socially responsible corporate citizen committed to contributing positively to the community.


Our collaboration with Haggar Group exemplifies how an astute and integrated marketing approach can fortify a brand’s image, broaden its reach, and resonate with a diverse audience. We are proud to have played an instrumental role in Haggar Group’s brand evolution and to have contributed to its ongoing success.


Haggar Group Investment Company

Building the Haggar Group brand across multiple channels and shifting NPS


JANUARY 15, 2021