Mustakshif Case Study


Mustakshif, an Arabic travel brand, entrusted us with building their brand from scratch and establishing a strong online presence. Our goal was to create and distribute compelling content, grow an Arabic-speaking international travel audience, and leverage the platform’s influence to sell advertising to international travel brands.

Strategy and Implementation:

Our strategy revolved around creating a robust content ecosystem and utilizing social media platforms to engage and grow the target audience.

We embarked on a comprehensive content creation initiative, producing over 3,000 pieces of engaging and informative content. This content covered a wide range of topics, including travel guides, destination highlights, travel tips, and cultural experiences, catering to the interests and aspirations of the Arabic-speaking travel community.

To grow the audience, we strategically utilized Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. We leveraged these platforms to distribute the captivating content and engage with the target audience through interactive posts, videos, and captivating visuals.

Simultaneously, we capitalized on the platform’s growing influence to attract advertising from international travel brands. We highlighted the platform’s engaged audience, its reach, and the unique opportunity it offered for travel brands to connect with the Arabic-speaking market.


Our collaborative efforts with Mustakshif yielded outstanding results:

  • Content Creation: We successfully produced and published over 3,000 pieces of compelling content, positioning Mustakshif as a go-to resource for travel information and inspiration.
  • Audience Growth: Through our strategic social media efforts, we grew the Arabic-speaking international travel audience to over 150,000 on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. This thriving community became a valuable asset for advertisers.
  • Advertising Success: Mustakshif achieved significant success by selling advertising to international travel brands, leveraging the platform’s influence and engaged audience to create impactful campaigns.


Our partnership with Mustakshif demonstrates the power of strategic content creation and social media marketing in building a successful travel brand. By creating and distributing engaging content, growing an Arabic-speaking international travel audience, and attracting advertising from global travel brands, we have contributed to Mustakshif’s position as an influential travel platform within the Arabic-speaking market.



Built this international travel brand to over 150k followers


JANUARY 10, 2019