Spartans Boxing Club Corporate Case Study


Spartans Boxing Club Corporate, the fastest-growing boxing franchise in the world, enlisted our expertise to propel their franchise expansion, boost their online visibility through SEO, build robust social media profiles, and execute effective content strategies for all their gyms. Additionally, we developed and ran newsletters targeting potential franchise prospects.

Strategy and Implementation:

Our strategy revolved around three key areas: SEO optimization, social media management, and franchise marketing.

To enhance Spartans Boxing Club Corporate’s online visibility, we implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy. Through meticulous keyword research, on-page optimization, and authoritative backlink building, we achieved top rankings for 19 keywords, top 10 rankings for 83 keywords, and top 30 rankings for 342 keywords. This elevated Spartans’ visibility on search engines, attracting prospects and generating franchise sales.

We also built and managed Spartans’ social media profiles across various platforms. By creating engaging content, leveraging visual elements, and fostering community engagement, we cultivated a strong and active online presence. This played a pivotal role in driving brand awareness and attracting potential franchisees.

Additionally, we developed content strategies for all Spartans Boxing Club gyms, ensuring consistent brand messaging and effective communication with members and prospects. Furthermore, we implemented targeted newsletters to reach potential franchise prospects, providing valuable information about the franchise opportunity and driving lead generation.


Our collaboration with Spartans Boxing Club Corporate led to significant achievements:

  • SEO Success: Through our comprehensive SEO strategy, Spartans achieved top rankings for 19 keywords, top 10 rankings for 83 keywords, and top 30 rankings for 342 keywords. This drove targeted organic traffic and directly led to the sale of franchises valued at $250,000 each.
  • Strong Social Media Presence: We built and managed engaging social media profiles, contributing to Spartans’ reputation as a leading boxing franchise. The active social media community fostered brand loyalty and attracted potential franchisees.
  • Effective Content Strategies: Our content strategies ensured consistent messaging across all Spartans gyms, enhancing member communication and engagement. This played a crucial role in member retention and satisfaction.
  • Franchise Lead Generation: The targeted newsletters we developed and executed effectively reached potential franchise prospects, generating leads and fueling Spartans’ franchise expansion.


Our partnership with Spartans Boxing Club Corporate showcases the power of comprehensive SEO optimization, strong social media management, and effective franchise marketing. By achieving top rankings in search engines, building an engaged social media presence, implementing content strategies, and running targeted newsletters, we have contributed to Spartans’ exponential growth as the fastest-growing boxing franchise in the world.


Spartans Boxing Club Corporate

Helped build this brand into the fastest growing boxing franchise in the world


FEBRUARY 17, 2022