Today Fitness Cambodia Case Study


Today Fitness, an integral part of the prestigious Sun and Moon Hotel in the heart of Cambodia, sought to establish itself as the largest and best gym in the country. Our mission was to manage all aspects of their digital presence, including lead generation, email campaigns, and social media, while catering to both English and Khmer-speaking audiences.

Strategy and Implementation:

Our strategy focused on comprehensive digital management and strategic lead generation, combined with effective multilingual content creation.

To bring in the first members for Today Fitness, we implemented a targeted lead generation campaign. By leveraging various digital channels and employing data-driven strategies, we successfully attracted and converted leads, establishing a strong member base for the gym.

We also developed and executed engaging email campaigns to nurture leads and retain existing members. Our campaigns included personalized content, promotional offers, and fitness tips to maintain consistent engagement.

To cater to both English and Khmer-speaking audiences, we created content in both languages. This included website content, social media posts, and email campaigns, ensuring effective communication and engagement with a diverse customer base.


Our collaboration with Today Fitness yielded impressive outcomes:

  • Successful Lead Generation: Our targeted campaigns resulted in a strong influx of new members, providing Today Fitness with a solid foundation to establish themselves as the largest gym in Cambodia.
  • Engaging Email Campaigns: Our well-crafted email campaigns fostered customer loyalty, increased member retention, and nurtured leads, maximizing the value of each customer relationship.
  • Multilingual Content: By providing content in both English and Khmer, we effectively engaged and communicated with a diverse audience, ensuring inclusivity and better customer experiences.


Our partnership with Today Fitness demonstrates the power of comprehensive digital management, strategic lead generation, and multilingual content creation. By driving lead generation, managing email campaigns, and catering to English and Khmer-speaking audiences, we have contributed to Today Fitness’ growth and positioned them on track to become the largest and best gym in Cambodia.


Today Fitness

Cambodia's leading gym and fitness location


FEBRUARY 12, 2023